Expo: fashion and communication (with video)

SC2 official logo
SC2 official logo

This hasn’t been an empty day in the St.Charlie Expo 2014. First thing this morning the second tv channel “St.Charlie 2” or “SC2” has been activated. The channel was in use from 2009 to late 2011 and now the SCBN decided was time to use it again. The “official color” of the channel is green, partially reminding the former logo that was green and yellow. This morning the first video of the channel was shot: Message of Governor Sante Belfort, a message for the Expo by the Governor and Minister of Federal Affairs.

Following this event with the Prime Minister the new official hq for the institutions was published. Among the new names we can see: Von Sternberg Center for Intelligence (announced almost a month ago) and the Nick Maggiore Building, as hq of the Ministry for Federal Affairs “to remember a citizen who always was looking for truth and justice” said Belfort.

In the evening, in Freya (Atlantis) was announced the winner of the St.Charlian fashion week 2014: Alexander Reinhardt for his “usual elegance, not only in formal situations but in the everyday life“.




The staff of the Atlantis Post is sorry if few informations are given for the moment, but following the events and be able to write them all is yet not easy.


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