St.Charlie Expo 2014

logoexpo2014finalToday the Commission for the St.Charlie Expo 2014 (formed by President, Prime Minister, First Ambassadress, Governors of Tor Pendente and Atlantis) published the web portal of the Expo. This gives us the possibility to look inside the organization, the program and the projects.

Few events already have taken place. The 27 of July a meeting in the Kingom of Cattimondo between officials of the two nations. The opening in another micronations is “to show the opening of St.Charlie to different cultures and communities and to show the important position of the nation to link the italophone sector to the rest of the micronational community. The main theme was “The political systems of the micronations”. At the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister and the First Ambassadress” as we can read on the website. Another important meeting was held in Snezanopol and in Amsterdam (Netherlands) between Prime Minister Specter, Governor Belfort, Governor Baklykov and Director Dain Reevahn.

In Atlantis already few meetings were organized. The 3rd of August about the SCAF and the DSS and the following day various meetings about politics and culture.

In the next days we will have many other things happening. Tomorrow will be presented the new tv channel of the SCBN, SC2 with a bases in Tor Pendente, New Bransons, Atlantis and maybe Caroline Charlotte. Also, tomorrow the St.Charlian fashion week 2014 will end, an event where experts met to decide who in St.Charlie is the most elegant citizen. In the following days culture, politics, traditions, parties and much more will merge together to create an awesome St.Charlie Expo 2014.


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