Mr. Prime Minister, what’s happening?

The Prime Minister Eastwood
The Prime Minister Eastwood

Here we have a brief interview with the Prime Minister, made today in Poseidon.

– Mr. Prime Minister, during the campaign you said that your government could be the most active, what now?
Well, I don’t just said it, we had to be as active as we can and involve the citizens. The inactivity of the citizens is a huge problem, and an active government can help to solve this problem. Such meetings, census etc. are made to make the citizens more active and interested.

– Norwood is not anymore a federation, why?
Sincerly I don’t know the reason why. Krimmer gave us no explanation at all. Quite unprofessional, but it’s not a problem at all. We need serious federations, not one-month federations.

– What is you government actually doing?
We’re currently working for an electoral reform with the President and other personalities, we’re organizing the univerisities and the SCAF. As I said during the campaign we need to build stronger grounds for the Republic.

– Do you think that the National party is loosing credibility?
Well, some members or former members, and leaders, of the party are loosing credibility, not the party itself I think. Also, I’m sure that with the new leadership we’re going to have a confrontation and a collaboration with the opposition.

– Now you’re also the Lader of the New Socialist Party. How is this going to change anything?
Well, I’m the leader of the party since now we’ll use e party system like in UK where the candidates for and the PM and the DPM are the leaders of the party. We need a slim and easy structure to fight our battles.



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